Dear parents ,

Warm  regards from the director

Kolaras public secondary school is a center of knowledge and a creative entity where newer and fresher ides keep bubbling  forth  from young  and energetic minds. Here education is a holistic process. It is the pious mission of this institution to enable our students to develop their ideas and talents to the full ansd help them realize their creative potential kolaras public secondary school aims at imparting value  based education,which equips its students to face the vicissitudes of life with courage and equanimity.

We believe in laying a strong foundation for children’s life through knowledge ,value and competencies.there are experiences of charge every moment in nes life.Education  enables one for favorable charges in life and thus in the society.the skillful hands here mould young lives into excellent and responsible adults useful for the society……….

I wish all my dear students to spread the fragrance Kolaras Public School in the entire world.


KPS Ramtala MP

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