About Us

Director's Message

Kolaras public secondary school is a center of knowledge and a creative entity where newer and fresher ides keep bubbling forth .....

Principal's Message

Our motto”spread the light” is at the heart of everything we do at the school.we aim not to just impart knowledge to the students..........

Kolaras  Public Secondary school was eastablished in 1998 under the aegis on the tishir shiksha prasar samiti (Registered).  The school  is affiliated to CBSE Delhi.


The emblem of our school has a shield as base and inscribed an open book and an inkpot on the right side a lightes lamp on the top.   At  thr base of the shield is inscribed on a ribbion “STUDY SUCCESS SERVICE”.


Shield gives protection to fight battle. Life is a constant battle ignorance and evik. The hold the shield in life .  this shows  what kind of a shield we are holding to resist the evil.


Open Book shows the aviailability of knowledge. Knowledge is nobody’s monopoly. It is available to all who are read to  receive  or take in.  it is to be hidden or forbidden by anybody  but should be given to all.


A lighted lamp shows that you are lighted to enlighten. light removes darkness. The world need to be lighted people who are lighted.  Thus knowledge and wisdom is passes from one person to another ,enlightening the world  realm.


The course of studied is separately designed to prepare children both  for the  Examinations conductes by the  CBSE , delhi.   The  medium of instructions is English.


  1. To  help  the students in their pursuit of wisdom and knowledge as envisaged in the motto of our school.
  2. To provide a congenial atmosphere for the all-round development    physical,intellectual,emotional and spiritual.
  3. To impart quality education to equip the students to compete in various examinations.
  4. To develop right perspective ,noble ideas and prepare the students for the service at large.
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